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Facultatea de Drept, Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara. Conferință și cursuri susținute de Pierre Legrand
26.05.2017 | Irina RÎMARU

Irina Rîmaru

Irina Rîmaru

În perioada 29-30 mai 2017, Facultatea de Drept din cadrul Universităţii de Vest din Timişoara gazduiește o conferință și două cursuri susţinute de Pierre Legrand, profesor la Facultatea de Drept din cadrul Universității Sorbona.

Astfel, luni, 29 mai 2017, în ciclul prelegerile Facultăţii de Drept, au loc cele două cursuri: „Foreign law as speculation: an example from contract” și „Tracing foreign law: the bodum case„, iar marţi, 30 mai 2017, în ciclul conferințele Facultăţii de Drept, are loc conferinţa „The normative relevance of foreign law„.

Pierre Legrand, Biographical Note (Current to April 2017)
A graduate of the Sorbonne and of the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar, Professor Dr Dr Pierre Legrand teaches law at the Sorbonne whose postgraduate programme on globalization and legal pluralism he directed for over fifteen years. In addition to conferences, seminars, and guest presentations all over the world, Professor Legrand has been lecturing for more than two decades within the University of Cambridge’s summer school on English Legal Methods. Also, for nearly fifteen years he has been offering an annual course on comparative law at the University of San Diego School of Law as Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law. More recently, he has also been teaching annually at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law in Chicago. Over a number of years, Professor Legrand taught the seminar in comparative law on the postgraduate programme at the University of Melbourne Law School while also teaching comparative law repeatedly within the undergraduate law degrees at the University of Timişoara in Romania and at the Centro Universitário Curitiba in Brazil. Moreover, he has held visiting professorships at the University of Toronto, at the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing, at the University of Copenhagen, at the Georgetown University Law Center, at the University of Uppsala, at the National University of Singapore, and at HBKU College of Law and Public Policy in Doha (Qatar). Professor Legrand publishes in English and French. His work has attracted substantial scholarly attention in Europe, North America and Asia. It has been translated from the French or the English in seven languages including Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. In 2017, the American Journal of Comparative Law, arguably the flagship law review in the field of comparative law worldwide, is devoting a special issue to Professor Legrand’s work featuring an original contribution on his part and the texts of five invited discussants. Since the foundation of the Journal in 1952, it is the first time the Editorial Board has taken such an initiative. Professor Legrand teaches and writes with specific reference to salient theoretical issues arising from comparative interventions in a post-Westphalian world. In particular, he seeks to revisit the conventional models governing the comparative study of law by defending an oppositional stance vis-à-vis the core epistemic assumptions held by traditional comparatists. Representative publications include “The Same and the Different”, in Comparative Legal Studies: Traditions and Transitions, ed. by Pierre Legrand and Roderick Munday (Cambridge University Press, 2003), pp. 240-311; “Issues in the Translatability of Law”, in Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation, ed. by Sandra Bermann and Michael Wood (Princeton University Press, 2005), pp. 30-50; “On the Singularity of Law”, (2006) 47 Harvard International Law Journal 517-30; “Foreign Law: Understanding Understanding”, (2011) 6/2 Journal of Comparative Law 67- 177; Pour la relevance des droits étrangers (IRJS Editions, 2014), 454 pp.; and Le Droit comparé, 5th ed. (Presses Universitaires de France, 2015), 128 pp. In recent years, Professor Legrand has written extensively on the relevance of philosopher Jacques Derrida’s work for comparative law. For instance, he has published “Siting Foreign Law: How Derrida Can Help”, (2011) 21 Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law 595-629. He has also contributed to Derrida and Legal Philosophy, ed. by Peter Goodrich et al. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008), and he has authored the chapter on Derrida and law for the Blackwell Companion to Derrida, ed. by Zeynep Direk and Leonard Lawlor (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014). Professor Legrand is preparing Negative Comparative Law (350 pp.) for Routledge (forthcoming, 2018). This book will offer a critical conspectus on the theory of comparative research in law.

Irina Rîmaru

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