RLWeek June 13-20, 2021: Amendments to law regarding cultural activities in open space. Teqball officially recognised as a sport in Romania.Requirements for live-line working on electrical installations.Law no. 278/2013 on industrial emissions amended and supplemented. Norms on wine grape harvesting for financing eligibility. Measures regarding reopening of nurseries, kindergartens and after-school programmes
20.06.2021 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romania adopts 5G Law amid public discussions on postponement of auctions
09.06.2021 | Valentina PÂRVU, Sorin PREDESCU

Tell me about the data access right – the who, the what, the why and the way…
09.06.2021 | Monica IANCU, Alexandru DANILIUC

Security for costs and security for claim in international commercial arbitration
08.06.2021 | Sofia COZAC

Romania allocates EUR 1.6 bn to green energy under the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan
07.06.2021 | Varinia RADU, Ramona DULAMEA, Raluca DIACONEASA

RLWeek May 31 – June 6, 2021: Competition methodology for the functions of director and deputy director of pre-university education. Approval of the List of military products subject to the control of exports, imports and other operations. Amendment of the Government Decision on the establishment of the national mechanism for promoting social inclusion in Romania
06.06.2021 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Legal updates: Electronic surveillance for the purpose of enforcing freedom restricting sanctions
04.06.2021 | Gelu MARAVELA, Ioana IVAȘCU

Limits of confidentiality in international commercial arbitration
04.06.2021 | Sofia COZAC

Weather business in Romania. A forecast of opportunities and challenges
03.06.2021 | Horia DRAGHICI, Valentina PÂRVU, Anna MOROGAI

Filiation in the romanian Civil Law
01.06.2021 | Cristina Diana TOMA

RLWeek May 23-30, 2021: National Strategy on drugs for 2021-2025. Methodology on allotment differences and natural gas distribution regularisation amended. Law on ambient noise amended. Government Decision on national healthcare programs amended and supplemented. Order regarding care for critical condition patients in the ICU amended.
30.05.2021 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romanian Competition Council continues scrutiny of bid rigging
26.05.2021 | Cristina POPESCU, Laura CAPATA

RLWeek May 17-23, 2021: Rules and exceptions to wearing a protective mask at work. The approval of the Agreement amending and reconfirming the Financing Agreement between Romania and the European Investment Fund. The amendment of a provision ref. to the leadership of the Interministerial Committee for Public Procurement. Law no. 146/2021 on electronic monitoring in judicial and enforcement criminal proceedings. UPDATE: clarifications from the ministry of internal affairs
24.05.2021 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Ijdelea Mihăilescu further expands the team
19.05.2021 | JURIDICE.ro

LC LegalProof assisted the shareholders of Innobyte Solutions in connection with the sale of their shares to Life is Hard
18.05.2021 | JURIDICE.ro

The CJEU delivers its judgement in Case C‑392/19 adding to the jurisprudence on web linking
17.05.2021 | Flavia ȘTEFURA, Cristina CREȚU

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RLWeek May 10-16, 2021: Amendment and completion of the National Education Law no. 1/2011. Amendment of the Law on the restitution of buildings abusively taken over during the communist regime in Romania. Amendment of the Government Decision regarding the organization and functioning of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy within the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
16.05.2021 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

RLWeek May 3-9, 2021: Amendment protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data ratified. Law no. 263/2010 regarding the unitary system of public pensions supplemented. Law regarding the constitution and use of the Guarantee fund for salary debt amended. Pharmaceutical specialty nomenclature amended.EGO liberalising the promotion of Romanian exports.
09.05.2021 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

RLWeek April 24-May 3, 2021: Law on measures in the field of justice in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Project for the amendment and supplementing of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights. Project on the transposition of the Directive on common rules for the internal market in electricity. Legislative proposal for amending and supplementing Law no. 135/2010 on the Code of Criminal Procedure. Exemptions from the extended anti-dumping duty on certain bicycle components originating in China
04.05.2021 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

The Cybersecurity Competence Centre starts to take shape – Regulation adopted by the Council of the EU
27.04.2021 | Alina POPESCU, Cristina CREȚU, Laura DINU

RLWeek April 19-25, 2021: Certain tariffs in the sanitary-veterinary and food safety field amended. Law regarding quality assurance in the health system amended. EGO no. 105/2017 amending art. 23 (1) c regarding Game and hunting environment safety law rejected. Law approving EGO no. 60/2018 amending and supplementing certain laws in the work field. Certain general regulations regarding centralised natural gas markets.
25.04.2021 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Budusan & Asociatii as a top White-Collar Crime firm in Romania – Legal 500 (Legalease) 2021
15.04.2021 | JURIDICE.ro

The Legal 500 EMEA 2021
14.04.2021 | JURIDICE.ro

RLWeek April 5-11, 2021: Modification of the adoption procedure. Amendment and completion of Law no. 185/2017 on quality assurance in the health system. Amendment of Regulation no. 3/2006 on the authorization, organization and operation of the Investor Compensation Fund
11.04.2021 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Romania reinforces short-time work during pandemic
06.04.2021 | Horia DRAGHICI, Ruxandra GEORGESCU, Alexandra VOINIA

Romanian law giving impunity to tax-fraudsters enters into force
06.04.2021 | Mihai JIGANIE-ȘERBAN, Anca Elena ION

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RLWeek March 29 – April 4, 2021: Certain fiscal measures adopted and amended. Law no. 350/2001 regarding land management and city planning. Methodology regulating diving in Romania. Law no. 56/2021 regarding food supplements. Financial limits on aid for the vegetable sector in 2020.
04.04.2021 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Constitutional Court of Romania: green lights for absolving tax-fraudsters
30.03.2021 | Mihai JIGANIE-ȘERBAN, Anca Elena ION

RLWeek March 22-29, 2021: Amendment to the Rules of Procedure of the Chamber of Deputies. Project concerning the maximum expenditure ceiling for housing, accommodation and travel of prefects and sub-prefects. European Commission proposes package of measures to ensure respect for children’s rights and support for children in need. Romanian Senate. Comments on the Asylum and Migration Package
29.03.2021 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

RLWeek March 15-21, 2021: Amendments and completions of the public procurement legislation. Organisation and functioning of the Ministry of Culture. Organisation and functioning of the Ministry of Energy
21.03.2021 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Romania sells BITCOIN and ETHEREUM in public auction for the first time
16.03.2021 | Horia DRAGHICI, Anna MOROGAI

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Recognizing copyright protection of fictional characters in Romania
15.03.2021 | Flavia ȘTEFURA

RLWeek March 8 – 14, 2021: New provisions regarding ski slopes during state of emergency. Certain fiscal-budgetary measures and normative acts amended. Sanitary authorisations for medical assistance activities in hospitals extended. Law regarding explosive precursors. Equal opportunities and treatment of women and men and prevention of domestic violence bill. State of emergency extended on the territory of Romania
14.03.2021 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Don’t spoil the soil – building-up a legal framework dedicated to soil conservation and remedy measures in Romania
12.03.2021 | Simona PETRIȘOR, Amalia de LIGENZA

Legality of Bucharest’s suspension of district zoning plans drawn into question
11.03.2021 | Roxana FRĂȚILĂ, Alexandru DUMITRESCU

Romanian government amends Tax Code and Accounting Law
10.03.2021 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU, Ramona TUDOR

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Romania toughens rules for public procurement by state hospitals
10.03.2021 | Cristina POPESCU, Laura CAPATA

Additional amendments to the Romanian Fiscal Code
09.03.2021 | Felix TAPAI, Oana SĂVULESCU

ECJ rulings attempt to strike balance in EU gambling sector
07.03.2021 | Ana-Maria NISTOR, Sorin PREDESCU

RLWeek March 1-7, 2021: Order for the regulation of some accounting aspects. Amendments of the Law on financial instruments markets. Government Emergency Ordinance on amending and supplementing the National Education Law
07.03.2021 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Tax debt restructuring and cancellation of accessory tax liabilities still available
03.03.2021 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU, Ramona TUDOR

Request for a preliminary ruling regarding the procedure for effective promotion of Romanian judges
01.03.2021 | Dragoș CĂLIN

RLWeek 22-28 February 2021: The amending and supplementing of the Law on Health Reform. The exemption of some declarations and proxies from the payment of notary fees. The ratification of the Montreal Protocol to amend the Convention on Offenses committed on Aircraft – Project. The European Commission. Regulation on roaming charges – Project
28.02.2021 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Romania launches public consultation on secondary legislation on telemedicine
24.02.2021 | Valentina PÂRVU

RLWeek 15-21 February 2021: Law project on preventing and combating doping in sport. Project on best practices guide for purchasing medical devices. New provisions regarding the European Public Prosecutor’s Office: Amendment of the Code of Criminal Procedure and of GEO no. 66/2011. The European Commission. Public consultation on modernizing judicial cooperation between EU countries and the use of digital technology
24.02.2021 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

RLWeek February 8 – 14, 2021: National preservation program of high seismic-risk buildings. Fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services. NHIH supplementing norms for curative national health programs. Limits on certain fiscal-budgetary indicators for 2021 approved.Applicable sanitary-veterinary and food safety activity tariffs
14.02.2021 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

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Romania postpones 5G auction for Q3 of 2021
12.02.2021 | Valentina PÂRVU, Sorin PREDESCU

Romania publishes guidelines on changes to public procurement and sectoral contracts
11.02.2021 | Horia DRAGHICI, Cristina POPESCU, Laura CAPATA

European Union’s new Cybersecurity Strategy
08.02.2021 | Flavia ȘTEFURA, Cristina CREȚU

Solar projects in Romania – New perspectives and old issues
08.02.2021 | Cosmin STAVARU