TZA News. EU Law / 23 January 2020
23.01.2020 |

PwC Global CEO Survey: CEO pessimism over global growth in 2020 reaches record high
21.01.2020 |

Deloitte study: The demand for electric cars is growing, but consumers are reluctant to autonomous vehicles
21.01.2020 |

The new Law no. 243/2019 on alternative investment funds will enter into force in January 2020
20.01.2020 | Andreea ȘERBAN, Patricia ENACHE

Romanian Lawyers Week
January 13-19, 2020:
Amendment of some normative acts that include provisions regarding the records of the persons and the identity documents of the Romanian citizens. Amendment of the Government Decision on establishing the contraventions that fall under the Prevention Law. Some provisions of the Law on administrative proceedings have been declared unconstitutional
19.01.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

STRATULAT ALBULESCU announces new round of promotions
16.01.2020 |

act | Botezatu Estrade Partners strengthens its team
16.01.2020 |

Romania takes first steps towards energy market liberalisation
15.01.2020 | Varinia RADU, Ramona DULAMEA

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Gabriel Albu, former Founding Partner and Managing Partner at BUDUȘAN, ALBU & ASSOCIATES, and the coordinating lawyer in the Rompetrol II case, launches his own law firm: ALBU-LEGAL
15.01.2020 |

CJEU. C-623/17, C-511/18, C-512/18, C-520/18. Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona: the means and methods of combating terrorism must be compatible with the requirements of the rule of law
15.01.2020 | şi Revista Dreptul au creat JURIDICE ACADEMIC
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13.01.2020 |

BOTEZATU ESTRADE PARTNERS joins the European alliance act legal
13.01.2020 |

Romanian Lawyers Week
January 6-12, 2020:
Fiscal Code amended. Fiscal-budgetary amendments. New NAFA form drafted. Construction work authorisation methodological norms. Update to ‘drug’ definition. Update on money laundering and terrorism control measures
12.01.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

PwC projection: Global economic growth in 2020 is expected to grow at a modest rate of around 3.4%
08.01.2020 |

STRATULAT ALBULESCU advises GapMinder Venture Partners on its investment in the USD 7M Series A funding round of the A.I. based typing biometrics technology provider Typing DNA
07.01.2020 |

News regarding the organization and functioning of the Romanian Competition Council
07.01.2020 | Magda GRIGORE, Andreea BĂDICEANU

Deloitte analysis: Vigorous M&A activity in 2019
07.01.2020 |

Romanian Lawyers Week
December 30, 2019 – January 5, 2020:
Changes regarding the health reform. New amendments regarding the Fiscal Code. Law on the Government’s ability to issue ordinances
05.01.2020 | Alina GAJA

Romanian Lawyers Week
December 23-29, 2019:
The rescission of the compensatory appeal has come into effect. 30.000 foreign workers have been admitted to be part of the Romanian Labour Market
29.12.2019 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Romanian Financial Services Authority turns its attention to a post-Brexit scenario
27.12.2019 | Cristina POPESCU

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Romanian Lawyers Week
December 16-22, 2019:
Regulation on institutions issuing electronic money. New rules on the procedure for issuing the European insurer ordinance for unavailability of bank accounts. Main aspects related to the preparation and submission of annual financial statements and annual accounting reports
22.12.2019 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

TZA News. Banking Law / 20 December 2019
20.12.2019 |

Deloitte study: luxury goods companies invest heavily in digital marketing and use AI and big data
20.12.2019 |

20.12.2019 |

REFF & ASSOCIATES provided legal assistance on Romanian law matters to NEPI Rockcastle in the sale of an office buildings portfolio to AFI Europe
19.12.2019 |

Deloitte study: Millennials and Generation Z, insecure and pessimistic about the evolution of society, their career and future
18.12.2019 |

TZA News. EU Law / 17 December 2019
17.12.2019 |

3 views Deloitte reconditioned and endowed with state-of-the-art equipment an ASE amphitheater within a strategic partnership for the next five years
17.12.2019 |

BRK Financial Group (BVB: BRK), the only financial investment company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, joins ARIR
17.12.2019 |

D&B David si Baias and PwC Romania assisted OncoCard associates in the sale to MedLife
17.12.2019 |

Zeci de anunţuri de angajare pentru jurişti

NNDKP and PCA Law Merge and Set Up a Strong Legal & Tax Advisory Structure in Transylvania
17.12.2019 |

Romanian Lawyers Week
December 9-15, 2019:
Procedure of accessory bond cancellation administered by NAARC. Maximum limits of indexes in fiscal-budgetary plan for 2020. Money laundering measures surveyed by AFS. Centralised inventory of public domain goods
15.12.2019 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

STRATULAT ALBULESCU advises CCBA Verwaltungs GmbH in relation to the simplified merger control procedure before the Romanian Competition Council
13.12.2019 |

Public Call of Romanian Judges and Prosecutors
11.12.2019 |

Deloitte study: Europeans holiday season spending increases versus last year, estimated total market reaches €189.5 billion
11.12.2019 |

Romanian Lawyers Week
December 2-8, 2019:
The new Regulation on the organization and functioning of the Competition Council. The modification of some of the provisions regarding the assigning employer sponsored housing out of the housing stock of the Ministry of Justice
08.12.2019 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Knew or should have known, a practical example
06.12.2019 | Daniel UDRESCU

NNDKP assisted Raiffeisen Bank Romania in the transaction whereby the bank becomes a shareholder in CIT ONE
06.12.2019 |

Romania needs a centralized coordination of the digitalization agenda
05.12.2019 |

Romania to relax restrictions on insurance distribution on a FOS basis
05.12.2019 | Cristina POPESCU

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New European Data Protection Board Guidelines on DPbDD
05.12.2019 | Valentina PÂRVU

05.12.2019 |

Deloitte study: trust is the first emotional metric that influences brand loyalty
05.12.2019 |

Romanian Lawyers Week
November 25 – December 1, 2019:
Amendments to the procedure of issuing the tax certificate. The Government Emergency Ordinance no. 75/2011 regarding the assurance of the quality of education has been approved. The rights of the data subject in the context of the processing of personal data may be limited for statistical purposes
01.12.2019 | Alina GAJA

The relation between the European Union with Africa and an analysis of the sanctions imposed by the EU on Zimbabwe in the millennium
27.11.2019 | Silviu Gabriel BARBU, Raveena PARBHOO

TZA News. Environmental Law / 26 November 2019
27.11.2019 |

BONDOC SI ASOCIATII advised PPF in accessing EUR 1.150 billion credit facilities from banking syndicate.
25.11.2019 |

New chapter for Adeplast as shareholders agree to sell the company to a leading global player
25.11.2019 |

Romanian Lawyers Week
November 18-24, 2019:
The phenomenon of bullying, regulated by the National Education Law. New provisions regarding the administration of protected natural areas. Regulation for the organization and functioning of the People’s Advocate Institution
24.11.2019 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Deloitte study: The global commercial real estate industry continues to grow, despite economic volatility
21.11.2019 |