RLWeek October 12-18, 2020: Amendment and completion of the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the General Directorate of Passports. Amendment of the Government Decision on the protection of workers against the risks related to exposure to biological agents at work. Regulation regarding the selection procedure of the members of the National Supervisory Council in the Railway Domain.
18.10.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Data breach notification under E-privacy Directive and General Data Protection Regulation
12.10.2020 | Cristina CREȚU, Laura DINU

RLWeek October 5-11, 2020: Labour Code amended. Government Decision regarding classification, labeling, and packaging of substances and mixtures. Emergency Government Decision ensuring measures for human resources. Methodology for reporting information in the National Electronic Registry of Vaccines
11.10.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romania: Call for project proposals for financing via the EU Modernisation Fund
06.10.2020 | Monica COJOCARU, Simona LEHNIUC

COVID-19: State aid scheme for financing large enterprises is to become operational in Romania
06.10.2020 | Ana RADNEV, Adina NANESCU, Claudia NAGY

RLWeek September 28-October 4, 2020: Government Decision regarding organisation of Health Ministry amended. Methodological norms applying Fiscal Code amended and supplemented. Law no. 136/2020 regarding public health measures republished. Law regarding measures of frontier passing in Romania by workers. EGO amending and supplementing normative acts for emergency situations and fire defense
04.10.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

New rules for connection to power grids
02.10.2020 | Mihaela NYERGES

Schoenherr – to the point: technology & digitalisation l September 2020
01.10.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

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Romania amends foreign direct investment control regime
01.10.2020 | Rodica MANEA, Claudia NAGY

Romania gives lawyers extended representation powers
28.09.2020 | Rodica MANEA, Elena ANDREI

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RLWeek September 21-27, 2020: Guide for financing the National Program for the replacement of used electrical and electronic equipment with more efficient ones from the energy point of view. Instructions regarding the individualization of the sanctions for the contraventions provided by article 55 of the Competition Law. Procedure regulation of the Competition Council
27.09.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

CEE LEGAL MATTERS and JURIDICE.ro became media partners
22.09.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

Romania plans to tighten its foreign investment screening rules
21.09.2020 | Volker WEISS, Georgiana BĂDESCU, Cristiana MANEA

RLWeekSeptember 14-20, 2020: Law regarding energy efficiency amended and supplemented. Law regarding competition amended and supplemented. Minimum health and security requirements for labourers against chemical agents. Law regarding measures preventing and controlling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic amended
20.09.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII acted on a EUR 20 million deal whereas EBRD had acquired 25% in Vestmoldtransgaz, the Moldovan subsidiary of Transgaz
15.09.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

Schoenherr advises OMV Petrom on strategic partnership with Auchan to open 400 MyAuchan proximity stores in Petrom filling stations
15.09.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

RLWeek September 7-13, 2020: Government Decision amending centralised inventory of public domain goods. Approving second amendment to loan agreement between Romania and IBRD. Measures limiting the effects of energy drink consumption. Law regarding the status of waste
13.09.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

The Romanian Draft Law on the authorisation of 5G technology manufacturers and its effects on competition: a challenge for mobile operators and competition regulators
11.09.2020 | Alina POPESCU, Cristina CREȚU

New steps towards environmental protection – transforming household waste into fertilizer
08.09.2020 | Dana RĂDULESCU, Ada PASCU, Alina SAVASTRE

WDP acquires three new logistics centres
08.09.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

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RLWeek August 31-September 6, 2020: Amending and supplementing the Law on some measures for the protection of national interests in the economic activity. Amendment of the Methodological Norms for the implementation of the Government Emergency Ordinance on gambling. Law on certain aspects related to contracts for the sale of goods.
06.09.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

RLWeek August 17-23, 2020: The amendment of the Law for the prevention and combating of domestic violence. The National Digitization Program for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises has been approved. The new Forestry Code was approved by the Parliament. The modification/amendment of the National Education Law
23.08.2020 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Whistleblowing. New legal obligations imposed on companies to ensure a healthy business environment
18.08.2020 | Amalia-Teodora GOGOCI, Adrian ȘANDRU

Romania government prohibited from selling shares in Romanian companies for two years
17.08.2020 | Rodica MANEA, Claudia NAGY

Romania – Privatization on hold
17.08.2020 | Alina POPESCU, Daniel ALEXIE

The use of experts in international arbitration
11.08.2020 | Eugen SÂRBU, Ana-Maria CASTRAVETE

RLWeek August 3-9, 2020: Law regarding public pension system amended. Provisions regarding subsidies for Romanian associations and foundations with legal personality amended. National electronic registry of workforce in Romania. Ministry of Internal Affairs’ driver’s permit procedure amended.
09.08.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Taxing digital presence: do we need a digital services permanent establishment in the OECD model?
07.08.2020 | Dragoș-Alexandru IORDACHE

New transparency measures in the public procurement field
30.07.2020 | Alexandra RÎMBU, Andreea DINU

Romania: Bill to permanently regulate telemedicine submitted for legislative debate
30.07.2020 | Valentina PÂRVU, Anca Elena ION

Zeci de anunţuri de angajare pentru jurişti

House of Cards: Fundamental Rights as Aces
29.07.2020 | Irina ȚUCA

Romania aligns its national trade mark law with EU legislation
28.07.2020 | Valentina PÂRVU

RLWeek July 20-26, 2020: Approval of the Voluntary Guarantee Agreement between the European Commission and Romania. Law for amending and supplementing the Government Emergency Ordinance regarding the traffic on public roads. Regulation on the obligation of professional secrecy and protection of non-public information of the Financial Supervisory Authority.
26.07.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

New legal updates: Annual visa for environmental authorisation and integrated environmental authorisation
20.07.2020 | Dana RĂDULESCU, Ada PASCU

Romania amends tax debt restructuring programme
16.07.2020 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU, Ramona TUDOR

Amendments to the PPA regime
15.07.2020 | Mihaela NYERGES

Romania – Long-awaited simplifications for the corporate and business environment
13.07.2020 | Daniel ALEXIE, Alina SAVASTRE

RLWeek July 6-12, 2020: Society law no. 31/1990 amended. Fiscal code amendments. Tax forms amendments. Law regarding money laundering amended. Law regarding public pensions amended.
12.07.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

The Romanian crusade against gender identity and LGBT+ rights: Brief analysis on the constitutional role of political parties and the Church
09.07.2020 | Codrin TIMU

Romania amends electricity-gas law
06.07.2020 | Varinia RADU, Ramona DULAMEA

Peste 2400 de înscrieri pe profesionisti.juridice.ro

RLWeek June 29 – July 5, 2020: Approval of the payment of voluntary financial contributions of Romania to the OECD and repeal of Government Decision no. 916/2019. Draft. Completion of Law no. 51/1995 for the organisation and practice of the lawyer’s profession. Norms for the protection of classified information in the field of contractual activities carried out within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Draft
05.07.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Romania opts for postponement of DAC 6 deadlines
02.07.2020 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU, Ramona TUDOR

Romania continues the implementation of tax measures to support businesses
29.06.2020 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU

Romanian Lawyers Week
June 22-28, 2020
Temporary measures regarding the admission contest at the National Institute of Magistracy. Interest rates paid on minimum required reserves in lei and euro. Amendment of the Electricity and Natural Gas Law
28.06.2020 | Alina GAJA

Romanian Lawyers Week
June 15-21, 2020
Order regarding quarantine amended. New administrative measures in social protection. Customs Code provisions repealed. Amendments of fiscal measures, normative acts and term prorogation. Overtime provisions in Labour Code amended
21.06.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romanian businesses increasingly turn to internal investigations
19.06.2020 | Horia DRAGHICI, Ruxandra GEORGESCU

Romanian Competition Council seeks to tighten unfair competition rules
18.06.2020 | Cristina POPESCU

Romania’s Cluj-Napoca to develop largest AI research centre in Eastern Europe
17.06.2020 | Valentina PÂRVU, Cosmin CREȚU

Regulatory challenges for land-based gambling and sports betting operators as they resume business
16.06.2020 | Cristina POPESCU, Mihai JIGANIE-ȘERBAN, Sorin PREDESCU, Cosmin CREȚU

The Romanian Judges’ Forum calls on the Romanian Government and Parliament to quickly find solutions for immediate legislative changes necessary for the conduct of competitions for admission to the magistracy, graduation examinations of the National Institute of Magistracy and capacity examinations
16.06.2020 | JURIDICE.ro