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First technical regulation for storage in Romania
03.02.2023 | Daniel VLĂSCEANU

Recruiting staff in Romania and background checks: What employers need to know
30.01.2023 | Mihai POPA, Evelina MIEISOR-GRECU

The European qualifying examination (EQE) tests candidates’ knowledge and ability to represent applicants before the EPO
30.01.2023 | Cristina GEORGESCU

Romanian regulation brings greater clarity to the AML legal framework in the financial sector
27.01.2023 | Cristina POPESCU, Florentin GIURGEA

Romania clarifies scope of exclusion of bidders for anti-competitive conduct in public procurement
27.01.2023 | Cristina POPESCU, Laura CAPATA

European Patent Organisation organised the first edition of EPAC exam
27.01.2023 | Cristina GEORGESCU

Fees to be paid for a European patent application
26.01.2023 | Cristina GEORGESCU

Cariere juridice
Cariere juridice
Cariere juridice
Evenimente juridice

London Agreement – the language agreement at the European Patent Office
25.01.2023 | Cristina GEORGESCU

Republic of Moldova invited to accede to European Patent Convention
24.01.2023 | Cristina GEORGESCU

New Rule 56a of the Implementing Regulations to the European Patent Convention: the saving rule for the date of filing
23.01.2023 | Cristina GEORGESCU

RLWeek January 16-21, 2023: Updates on solar panels, interest rates, tax obligations, medicine, and constructions built illegally
22.01.2023 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), the accelerated way for granting a European patent
22.01.2023 | Cristina GEORGESCU

Legal Representation in Civil Proceedings, as Human Rights Protection Measure, in Different Jurisdictions
20.01.2023 | Szendrei TAMÁS

Unitary Patent – Forms for requesting transitional measures are available
20.01.2023 | Cristina GEORGESCU

Romanian trade marks can be cancelled by the OSIM
19.01.2023 | Cristina POPESCU, Carmen TURCU

Romania enacts new whistleblowing law
12.01.2023 | Cristina POPESCU, Laura GRIGORE

RES deployment legal insights
11.01.2023 | Tatiana FIODOROV

Romania amends the tax law in 2023
09.01.2023 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU

Romania imposes temporary windfall tax for the oil, gas, coal industries and the refining sector
09.01.2023 | Varinia RADU, Ramona DULAMEA, Madalina CONSTANTINESCU

Evenimente juridice
Evenimente juridice
Evenimente juridice
Evenimente juridice

Perfection of Camelia Bogdan v. Romania (no. 1) – Application no. 36889/18, Judgment of October 20, 2020) under Rule 9.1 of the Rules of the Committee of Ministers for the Enhanced Supervision of the Execution of Judgments on implementation of the individual measures. Barricades at the Council of Europe, resulting in Triple Disbarments of two other Senior Romanian Bucharest Court of Appeals Judges: the Quest for Hedging the Risk of Denial of Justice in International Administrative Law
06.01.2023 | Camelia BOGDAN

Romanian gambling regulator clarifies advertising rules
05.01.2023 | Cristina POPESCU

EU issues new measures against Russia
30.12.2022 | Horia DRAGHICI, Florentin GIURGEA

Competition probes in Romanian insurance sector lead to fines of EUR 29m
30.12.2022 | Cristina POPESCU, Florentin GIURGEA

EIOPA releases annual report on sanctions under IDD in 2021
27.12.2022 | Cristina POPESCU, Florentin GIURGEA

December. The perfect month for “presents”. A walkthrough the tax aspects of sponsorship
22.12.2022 | Cristina BĂLUȚĂ

CJEU. C-83/21 | Airbnb Ireland and Airbnb Payments UK. Short-term property rentals: EU law does not preclude the requirement to collect information or to withhold tax under a national tax regime
22.12.2022 |

The odyssey of urban planning in Bucharest
22.12.2022 | Cosmin STAVARU, Alin TOMA

Camelia Bogdan v. Romania (Application No 32916/20). Update: Restoration to the Court’s list under Rule 43 ind. 1 of the Court and Referral to Grand Chamber under Article 43 of the European Convention of Human Rights
21.12.2022 | Camelia BOGDAN

Changes to the subsidies scheme for electricity and natural gas bills and other amendments to embrace the energy crisis
20.12.2022 | Monica IANCU, Ionel MACOVEI, Vasile SOLTAN

RBC takes over Fullscreen Digital
19.12.2022 |

RLWeek December 12- 18, 2022: Updates on fiscal measures, minimum wage, sports fines, and Official Journal fees
18.12.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Evenimente juridice
Evenimente juridice

Recent changes to the legal framework for promoting the use of energy from renewable sources
15.12.2022 | Monica IANCU, Ionel MACOVEI

RLWeek December 5-11, 2022: Updates on products on EU market, price oil from Russia, rules in public institutions, Russian travel documents and Romanian community centres abroad
11.12.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

1952-2022: a brief overview of the history of the Court of Justice of the European Union
08.12.2022 |

Nonverbal communication in post-communist romanian movies
30.11.2022 | Bianca RADOSLAV

Work – life balance in modern times. Key legislative updates and challenges for Romanian employers
28.11.2022 | Mihai POPA, Oana LUPU

RLWeek November 21 – 27, 2022: Changes in drug legislation, Romania leaves Russian-led investment banks, permits for renewable energy
27.11.2022 | Ana BANU

RLWeek November 14-19, 2022: Updates on traffic on public roads, scholarships, nuclear security, salaries, and health care laws
20.11.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romania changes Romanian Companies Law on dissolution and liquidation procedures
15.11.2022 | Rodica MANEA, Elena ANDREI

RLWeek November 7 – 12, 2022: Updates on national security law, criminal records, publicly-funded salaried employees, consumer protection, and cancer prevention laws
13.11.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

RLWeek October 17-23, 2022: Updates on cultural tax quotas, state aid schemes, the national defense industry, and European funds
07.11.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romania passes changes to Romanian Companies Law
02.11.2022 | Rodica MANEA, Elena ANDREI

A Modest Critique of Posner’s Wealth Maximization Normative Theory
02.11.2022 | Ștefan BACIU

Codul muncii
Comunicate profesionisti - avocati, executori, notari

Romania passes law on Trade Registry and amendments to Company Law
25.10.2022 | Rodica MANEA, Elena ANDREI

RLWeek October 17 – 23, 2022: Health care, foreign labour, cultural stamps, and industrial licenses updates
23.10.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romania transposes EU Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions into law
21.10.2022 | Cristina POPESCU, Ruxandra GEORGESCU, Alexandra VOINIA

Developing Renewables in Romania: PUZ or Pass?
17.10.2022 | Mihaela NYERGES

Do the recently enacted amendments to the Land Law and related methodological norms limit the deployment of res projects to 50 hectares?
17.10.2022 | Tatiana FIODOROV

RLWeek October 10 – 16, 2022: Updates on agricultural aid schemes, medicine price caps, natural gas regulations, the paternal law, the national strategy for forests, and sanction removal for illegal entry or stay
16.10.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

The 3rd international conference Legal Innovation Day will take place on 20 October 2022 as a hybrid event: onsite & online
14.10.2022 |

RLWeek October 3 – 9, 2022: Updates on drug trafficking and consumption, fire safety permits, the Administrative Code, the Labour Code, energy efficiency, and firewood protective measures
09.10.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

European Union – New proposal in the context of the energy crisis
03.10.2022 | Gelu MARAVELA, Carmen BĂNICĂ, Alexandra MIHAILOV

RLWeek September 26 – October 2, 2022: EGOs on industry, research, medical equipment and evaluation, fuel, salaried individuals, mining, the environment, and overseas lawyers
02.10.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Woman in Law

Romanian competition council launches investigation of pharma market
29.09.2022 | Cristina POPESCU

Cryptocurrencies as a payment method in the Vienna Convention on international sales of goods
29.09.2022 | Andreea BĂRNUȚ

RLWeek September 19 – 25, 2022: National education law amended. Aid for entities at CO2 risk. Aid for farm operators. Recycling and waste EGO
25.09.2022 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romania takes further steps in response to the energy market prices
23.09.2022 | Varinia RADU, Ramona DULAMEA, Raluca DIACONEASA

CJEU. C-252/21 | Meta Platforms and Others (General terms of use of a social network). According to Advocate General Rantos, a competition authority may, in exercising its powers, take account of the compatibility of a commercial practice with the General Data Protection Regulation
20.09.2022 |

Legal education programme for individuals fleeing Ukraine in Romania: Fiscal facilities granted for supporting refugees and NGO initiatives
19.09.2022 | Cristina POPESCU

Legal education programme for individuals fleeing Ukraine in Romania: Living in Romania
13.09.2022 | Elena ZOIȚA, Florin ŢINEGHE

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