About the validity of (integrated) environmental permits in 2021 – some practical points
21.01.2021 | Simona PETRIȘOR, Amalia de LIGENZA

Loading NIS Directive 2.0 for higher cybersecurity protection
20.01.2021 | Alina POPESCU, Cristina CREȚU, Laura DINU

The use of electronic signature in the fields of construction, architecture and urbanism
18.01.2021 | Gelu MARAVELA, Diana BORCEAN

RLWeek January 11-17, 2021: Agreement between Romania and the USA on cooperation in the nuclear-electric field. Amendment of the methodological norms regarding the organization and management of the accounting of public institutions. Ratification of the Agreement between Romania and Ukraine on technical-military cooperation
17.01.2021 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

ANAF has started the operationalization of the Central Electronic Registry
14.01.2021 | Andreea NEAGU, Laura LUPU

Digging for modernisation – Mining Law
13.01.2021 | Gelu MARAVELA, Alina SAVASTRE

Overview on the new amendments to the Romanian Fiscal Code
11.01.2021 | Felix TAPAI, Oana SĂVULESCU

Romania introduces new balancing rules for the electricity market
30.12.2020 | Varinia RADU, Ramona DULAMEA, Raluca DIACONEASA

How to keep your data safe in the new digital employment environment
21.12.2020 | Daniel ALEXIE, Cristina CREȚU

RLWeek December 13-20, 2020: Changes in the obligations related to reporting and transparency in the privately administered pension system. The European Court of Human Rights in the Lascau case ruled, convicting the state to pay 1500 euros in moral damages, for taking the conviction of a person accused of taking bribes without listening to witnesses
20.12.2020 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Romania adopts secondary NIS-related legislation
17.12.2020 | Valentina PÂRVU


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T-24/20. Junqueras i Vies v Parliament. The General Court declares the action brought by Mr Junqueras i Vies, against the statement by the European Parliament that his seat was vacant, to be inadmissible
15.12.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

RLWeek December 7-13, 2020: Amendment and completion of the regulation for approval, reception and registration in the cadastre and land book records. Romania to host European Cyber Security Center for Industrial, Technological and Research Skills. Government Emergency Ordinance for the amendment of article 9 of the Government Ordinance on the establishment, organization and operation of Community public emergency services
13.12.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Romania to launch 5G auction in Q2 of 2021
10.12.2020 | Valentina PÂRVU, Sorin PREDESCU

Romania is enacting the secondary legislation pertaining to cybersecurity in an effort to avoid european sanctions
09.12.2020 | Flavia ȘTEFURA, Cristina CREȚU

RLWeek November 30 – December 6, 2020: EGO regarding IMM FACTOR Program amended. Law no. 286/2009 regarding Criminal Code amended and supplemented. Amendments for law regarding associations and foundations.ANCOM. Plan for 2021
06.12.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

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New disputes resolution rules in the energy sector
02.12.2020 | Mihaela NYERGES

RLWeek 22-29, 2020: The Commission Recommendation (EU) 2020/1743 on the use of rapid antigen tests in the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection. The final decision in the Vereș Case against Romania by the European Court of Human Rights. The 4th of June was declared the Day of the Treaty of Trianon. The integrated national program for the protection of victims of domestic violence.
29.11.2020 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Sale of energetic capacities to concessionaire distribution operators
27.11.2020 | Mihaela NYERGES

CEE: Competition Monthly Bulletin – September/October 2020
26.11.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

Updates of the Romanian Criminal Law in accordance with relevant EU Law Provisions
25.11.2020 | Grigore HAS, Ioana IVAȘCU

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Romania permanently regulates telemedicine
24.11.2020 | Valentina PÂRVU, Cosmin CREȚU

RLWeek 16-22, 2020: Legislative proposal for the amending and supplementing of the Electricity and Natural Gas Law. Changes in the maximum prices that can be applied to medicines meant for human use. The proposal for the periodic national report on the implementation of the International Covenant regarding economic, social and cultural rights. Proposal for the dodification and completion of the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the The Romanian Superior Council of Magistracy
22.11.2020 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Changes to the Romanian Pharmacy Law
19.11.2020 | Mihaela NYERGES, Flavia ȘTEFURA

Landmark ECJ ruling on a Romanian case involving deduction of VAT on abandoned investments
18.11.2020 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU, Ramona TUDOR

RLWeek November 9-15, 2020: Regulation for the application of the Law on Trademarks and Geographical Indications. Suspension, amendment and completion of some provisions of the Government Emergency Ordinance regarding some measures for granting financial support from non-reimbursable external funds. Government Emergency Ordinance on some measures in the field of healthcare to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
15.11.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

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Latest changes in the legislation on consumer protection
12.11.2020 | Daniel ALEXIE, Sonia BENGA

Prosecution office to investigate environmental crimes – ‘unconstitutional’ on procedural grounds
11.11.2020 | Mihai JIGANIE-ȘERBAN, Anca Elena ION

RLWeek November 2-8, 2020: Establishment of the single liaison office and the competent authorities in order to ensure the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2017/2394. Organization and functioning of the National Judicial Genetic Data System. Completion of the Annex to the Government Emergency Ordinance on emergency medical stocks
08.11.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Wider scope in Romania for extended confiscation of goods in force begins today
05.11.2020 | Mihai JIGANIE-ȘERBAN, Anca Elena ION, Cosmin CREȚU

RLWeek October 26- November 1, 2020: Methodological norms regarding FINREP situations at an individual level.Law regarding National Trade Register Office. Government decision approving payment procedures of sums given by EGO no. 132/2020 regarding aid for employees and employers in the context of SARS-CoV-2.Law regarding Convention forbidding the development, production, storing and usage of chemical weapons and their destruction amended
01.11.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

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In Praise of the British Judiciary: The Miller decisions as Reasons for Optimism
27.10.2020 | Irina ȚUCA

RLWeek October 19-25, 2020: Government Emergency Ordinance on the establishment of urgent measures to ensure the need for doctors during the epidemiological risk. Amendment of the Statute of the Romanian Academy. Completion of methodological norms for the application of the Paternity Leave Law
24.10.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

What are the chances of enforcing a foreign arbitral award or court judgment in Moldova? Recent developments & practical tips
21.10.2020 | Vladimir IURKOVSKI

RLWeek October 12-18, 2020: Amendment and completion of the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the General Directorate of Passports. Amendment of the Government Decision on the protection of workers against the risks related to exposure to biological agents at work. Regulation regarding the selection procedure of the members of the National Supervisory Council in the Railway Domain.
18.10.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

Data breach notification under E-privacy Directive and General Data Protection Regulation
12.10.2020 | Cristina CREȚU, Laura DINU

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RLWeek October 5-11, 2020: Labour Code amended. Government Decision regarding classification, labeling, and packaging of substances and mixtures. Emergency Government Decision ensuring measures for human resources. Methodology for reporting information in the National Electronic Registry of Vaccines
11.10.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romania: Call for project proposals for financing via the EU Modernisation Fund
06.10.2020 | Monica COJOCARU, Simona LEHNIUC

COVID-19: State aid scheme for financing large enterprises is to become operational in Romania
06.10.2020 | Ana RADNEV, Adina NANESCU, Claudia NAGY

RLWeek September 28-October 4, 2020: Government Decision regarding organisation of Health Ministry amended. Methodological norms applying Fiscal Code amended and supplemented. Law no. 136/2020 regarding public health measures republished. Law regarding measures of frontier passing in Romania by workers. EGO amending and supplementing normative acts for emergency situations and fire defense
04.10.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

New rules for connection to power grids
02.10.2020 | Mihaela NYERGES

Schoenherr – to the point: technology & digitalisation l September 2020
01.10.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

Romania amends foreign direct investment control regime
01.10.2020 | Rodica MANEA, Claudia NAGY

Romania gives lawyers extended representation powers
28.09.2020 | Rodica MANEA, Elena ANDREI

RLWeek September 21-27, 2020: Guide for financing the National Program for the replacement of used electrical and electronic equipment with more efficient ones from the energy point of view. Instructions regarding the individualization of the sanctions for the contraventions provided by article 55 of the Competition Law. Procedure regulation of the Competition Council
27.09.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

CEE LEGAL MATTERS and JURIDICE.ro became media partners
22.09.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

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Romania plans to tighten its foreign investment screening rules
21.09.2020 | Volker WEISS, Georgiana BĂDESCU, Cristiana MANEA

RLWeekSeptember 14-20, 2020: Law regarding energy efficiency amended and supplemented. Law regarding competition amended and supplemented. Minimum health and security requirements for labourers against chemical agents. Law regarding measures preventing and controlling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic amended
20.09.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII acted on a EUR 20 million deal whereas EBRD had acquired 25% in Vestmoldtransgaz, the Moldovan subsidiary of Transgaz
15.09.2020 | JURIDICE.ro

Schoenherr advises OMV Petrom on strategic partnership with Auchan to open 400 MyAuchan proximity stores in Petrom filling stations
15.09.2020 | JURIDICE.ro