Sequel of supporting measures adopted for the business environment
15.06.2020 | Gelu MARAVELA, Andreea DINU, Oana SĂVULESCU

Romanian Lawyers Week
June 8-12, 2020
The internal regulations of the prosecutor’s offices were supplemented with rules for carrying out the activity in exceptional situations. The procedure for connecting electronic fiscal cash registers. The legislative activity in the field of international judicial cooperation
14.06.2020 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Romanian Lawyers Week
June 1-7, 2020
New support measures for employees and employers in the context of COVID-19. Modification of the GEO on the establishment of fiscal facilities. Students will benefit from free transportation
07.06.2020 | Alina GAJA

Romanian Government introduces new measures to support business
05.06.2020 | Roxana POPEL, Raluca IONESCU, Ramona TUDOR

Romania plans to launch 5G tenders in autumn 2020
05.06.2020 | Cristina POPESCU, Valentina PÂRVU

Directly negotiated PPAs – a new chance for renewables in Romania?
03.06.2020 | Cosmin STAVARU

International Summer School Sarajevo 2020: The Role of Transitional Justice In Rebuilding Human Rights and Rule of Law in Post-conflict Societies / 4-15 August 2020
02.06.2020 |

Romanian Lawyers Week
May 25-31, 2020
Completion of the Government Emergency Ordinance on traffic on public roads. Amendment of the Order for establishing the types of conventions on the transport of persons with disabilities. Amendment of the Government Ordinance no. 6/2019 on the establishment of some fiscal facilities
31.05.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

The new era of bilaterally negotiated power purchase agreements
25.05.2020 | Gelu MARAVELA, Andreea DINU, Oana SĂVULESCU

Romanian Lawyers Week
May 18-24, 2020
New fiscal and rent payment facilities. New measures regarding safety in economic and cultural activities. Measures for general and workplace prevention and control of COVID-19 effects
24.05.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Returning to work during the state of alert – what employers need to know
22.05.2020 | Cristina POPESCU, Ruxandra GEORGESCU, Alexandra VOINIA

Romania amends insolvency law with start of state of alert
21.05.2020 | Ana RADNEV, Rodica MANEA, Horia DRAGHICI

Romanian government adopts new Trade Registry rules
20.05.2020 | Rodica MANEA, Elena ANDREI

Romania approves changes to healthcare claw-back tax
19.05.2020 | Valentina PÂRVU, Cosmin CREȚU

Separability and Competence-Competence: A Comparative Perspective
19.05.2020 | Irina ȚUCA

Romania introduces new tax measures in response to COVID-19
18.05.2020 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU

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Romania: Measures applicable during the state of alert
18.05.2020 | Răzvan POPA

Romanian Lawyers Week
May 11-17, 2020
The modification of some of the provisions that refer to granting emergency certificates. Categories of persons exempted from quarantine. The manner in which reports and other documents in electronic format are sent to the ASF
17.05.2020 | Dragoș Lucian IVAN

Potential criminal liability for employers who illegally claimed technical unemployment support
15.05.2020 | Mihai JIGANIE-ȘERBAN, Cosmin CREȚU

Romania adopts measures to allow shareholders and management meetings during COVID-19
13.05.2020 | Rodica MANEA, Elena ANDREI

Measures to reduce the risk of insolvency in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania
12.05.2020 | Răzvan POPA, Mihaela NASTASE

Deloitte Romania partners with Druid, Future WorkForce and RPAbox to create digital and automation solutions for legal, HR and financial departments
12.05.2020 |

Romanian Lawyers Week
May 4-10, 2020
Amendments to the Statute of the National Health Insurance House. Additional measures in the field of social protection in the context of COVID-19. Changes made in the Methodological Norms for the application of the Fiscal Code
10.05.2020 | Alina GAJA

Authorization of activities carried out in the field of medical devices
05.05.2020 | Gelu MARAVELA, Alina SAVASTRE

Romanian Lawyers Week
April 27-May 3, 2020
Alternative investment funds authorising. Regulation regarding preventive detention organising supplemented. New measures determined by COVID-19 in social protection and education
03.05.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romanian Lawyers Week
April 20-26, 2020
Amendment and completion of some orders of the president of National Agency for Fiscal Administration regarding the approval of the models of some forms used in the field of tax receivables collection. The Ministry of Public Finance launches the electronic multiple payment order. Instruction of the Ministry of Education and Research for creating and / or strengthening the capacity of the pre-university education system through online learning
26.04.2020 | Raluca-Andreea TRÎNCĂ-GĂVAN

În fiecare zi pe sunt active câteva zeci de anunţuri de angajare pentru jurişti

Temporary decrease in the work schedule of employees amidst COVID-19 crisis. Practical aspects
23.04.2020 | Ileana LUCIAN, Maria DOSAN

Price capping in the energy sector in the context of Coronavirus Pandemic
23.04.2020 | Ștefan BUDA, Andrei PETRE

PNSA ranked as Leading Law Firm by Legal 500
23.04.2020 |

Romanian government approves additional tax measures in response to COVID-19
22.04.2020 | Roxana POPEL, Andrei TERCU

DANILESCU HULUB & PARTNERS – the first law firm on the Romanian legal services market addressing in an integrated manner transports, the supply chain and the port & airport infrastructure
22.04.2020 |

Peste 3100 de înregistrări: Orice înscriere şi menţinerea în catalog sunt gratuite, evidenţierea specială este rezervată membrilor

Anti-corruption compliance concerns & best practices in time of COVID-19
15.04.2020 | Alexandru AMBROZIE, Diana DOBRA

Key takeaways from the practice of Romanian Data Protection Authority
15.04.2020 | Cristina CREȚU, Mădălina MOLDOVAN

COVID 19: The Emergency Situation Certificate
14.04.2020 | Raluca PETRESCU, Mihaela ION

The Micula Saga – A Tale of EU Law and BREXIT
14.04.2020 | Mihai IOACHIMESCU-VOINEA

About strategic businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic
13.04.2020 | Vlad AMBROZIE

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Net neutrality in the context of the new pandemic
13.04.2020 | Cristina CREȚU

Romanian Lawyers Week
April 6-12, 2020
Government Emergency Ordinance on the use of documents in electronic form at the level of public authorities and institutions. Some support measures settled from European funds, approved in the context of COVID-19. Implementing rules of the GEO on the Program for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises – IMM INVEST ROMANIA
12.04.2020 | Alina GAJA

COVID-19 effects on warehouses lease agreements
09.04.2020 | Iris CRISTOFOR, Casiana DUSA

Overviews of the new Airline Code
08.04.2020 | Andreea DINU, Oana SĂVULESCU

COVID-19. Is there a risk for companies to be exposed to criminal investigations for non-complying with the measures implemented by the authorities?
08.04.2020 | Adrian ŞANDRU

CJEU. C-791/19 R. Poland must immediately suspend the application of the national provisions on the powers of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court with regard to disciplinary cases concerning judges
08.04.2020 |

Should the controller reassess the relationship with its processor in the context of this new pandemic?
07.04.2020 | Cristina CREȚU

Force Majeure and Hardship under Contract law. Implications during the COVID-19 pandemic
07.04.2020 | Silviu STOICA, Vlad AMBROZIE

Romania proposes temporary capping of prices for coronavirus medicines
06.04.2020 | Valentina PÂRVU, Cosmin CREȚU

COVID-19: Financing Agreements. Implications
06.04.2020 | Bogdan C. STOICA, Codrin LUȚĂ

Peste 3100 de înregistrări: Orice înscriere şi menţinerea în catalog sunt gratuite, evidenţierea specială este rezervată membrilor

Romanian Lawyers Week
March 30-April 5, 2020:
EGO regarding electronic registers by economic operators amended. New fiscal measures adopted in the context of COVID-19. EGO regarding the state of siege and state of emergency amended. Order regarding certificates for emergency situations amended
05.04.2020 | Ioana-Cătălina BARBU

Romania Guidance for Public Procurement procedures in times of COVID-19
03.04.2020 | Gabriel SIDERE, Cristina POPESCU, Laura CAPATA

COVID-19: Competition Law. Implications
03.04.2020 | Raluca PETRESCU, Mihaela ION

COVID-19: Mergers & Acquisitions. Implications
02.04.2020 | Silviu STOICA, Vlad AMBROZIE